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What Aspects Does the Quality of Tungsten Carbide Mould Include?

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What aspects does the quality of tungsten carbide mould include?  

The quality of tungsten carbide mould will directly affect the quality and output of products.  The cost, the new product put into production and the old product renewal cycle, the enterprise product structure adjustment speed and market competitiveness, so the economic situation put forward higher and higher requirements for hard alloy die.  How to improve the quality of mold more reasonably is the key to realize the leap of manufacturing industry.  How to make the mold in high precision, low cost, high efficiency conditions, longer time, more mold preparation of good quality parts.  This problem has become an urgent problem to be solved at present.  And do you know what aspects of cemented carbide mold quality include?  Changsha Jingxin answer for you.  

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Tungsten carbide mould quality includes the following:  

1. Quality of finished products: stability and applicability of product size, luminosity of product appearance, etc.;  

2. Service life: the number of working cycles or parts consumed by the mold under the premise of ensuring product quality;  

3. Use and maintain the mold: can it be convenient to use, easy to demoulding, and consume as little auxiliary time as possible?  

4. Maintenance cost and duration of regular maintenance.  

The above is part of the quality of cemented carbide mold, welcome to supplement the exchange and discussion.  

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