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  • What is Tungsten Carbide Rotary Burrs?


    tungsten carbide rotary burrs can finish machining various metal mold cavities; cleaning up the flying edges, burrs and welds of cast, forged and welded parts; chamfering, rounding, groove and keyway machining of various mechanical parts; trimming of impeller runner parts; cleaning up pipes; finishing the bore surface of mechanical parts; craft engraving of various metals and non-metals, etc. Read More

  • Production Methods of Tungsten Carbide Rods


    There are two forming methods for the production of cemented carbide round rod: One is extrusion molding, which is a suitable way to make long rods. It can be truncated to any length desired by the user during extrusion. However, the overall length cannot exceed 350mm. The other is molding, which is a suitable way to produce short bar. As the name implies, it is to press the carbide powder into shape with a mold. Read More

  • Features and Application of Tungsten Carbide Ball


    Carbide ball has high hardness, high wear resistance, good chemical stability and thermal stability, mainly used in the petrochemical industry valve ball, special bearing ball, testing instrument measuring head ball, electric tools and die ball, widely used in precision machinery, aerospace, military defense, petrochemical and other fields.If you want to purchase or customize tungsten steel balls such products, choose a company that controls the quality strictly. Read More

  • What is the Structure of Tungsten Carbide Studed Roller?


    The studed roller needs to rely on the high wear resistance of the cemented carbide studs to break the material, but the high hardness of the cemented carbide studs itself produces great stress deformation on the base material of the roller sleeve. Today, most roll press manufacturers use a special adhesive method to connect the carbide stud to the mounting hole in the base material of the roll cover. The bonding strength of cemented carbide stud and hole directly determines whether the cemented carbide nail can be fixed stably on the roll surface. Therefore, in order to ensure that the cemented carbide stud does not fall off, it is necessary to improve the strength of the hole wall of the carbide studs, select a high strength adhesive, and install the cemented carbide studs. Read More

  • Carbide Cutting Tools Used in CNC Machine


    Carbide cutting tool is a kind of superfine grain carbide products with tungsten carbide as the main raw material, with cobalt, yttrium and other metal elements or other refractory carbide powder as auxiliary materials, with high hardness, strength, toughness, wear resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and a series of excellent properties, so suitable for application in CNC machine tools. Read More

  • Advantages of Tungsten Alloy Counterweights in the Crane


    As one of the important parts of the crane, the counterweight block is mainly used to keep the balance of the crane. The best material for the counterweight block of the crane is tungsten alloy with high specific gravity. Although the production cost and price of tungsten alloy counterweight block are higher than lead, iron, but it is more practical, has longer life, relatively longer service cycle, low replacement frequency, reduce the cost. Its advantages are mainly the following three: Read More

  • Characteristics of Tungsten Alloy Rods


    Of course, the specific characteristic coefficient of tungsten rod is related to the ratio of raw materials. Most of them are alloy products with refractory tungsten as hard phase and cobalt, nickel, iron, copper and other metals as bonding phase. When the bonding agent is copper, the color, melting point, density and electrical conductivity of tungsten rod will be different. With the increase of copper content, the color of tungsten rod will tend to copper color, and the electrical conductivity is better. The melting point and density of tungsten rod will increase with the increase of tungsten content. Read More

  • Jinxin Made tungsten alloy TSS ball


    Tungsten alloy is a kind of environmental protection alloy, its main components are tungsten, nickel, iron and other metal elements, the production process will not produce toxic substances, in the use of the process will not cause radioactive pollution, and tungsten alloy has the ability to resist radiation, so tungsten alloy in some areas instead of lead. Tungsten alloy ball are often used in the military field for shotguns, prefabricated fragments, armor piercing projectiles and so on. Read More

  • What are the properties of tungsten cobalt carbide studs?


    Cemented carbide studded roller has been widely used in cement industry raw material roller press. Because of its stable production operation rate, long service life and other advantages, favored by the cement industry. The studs used in roller press is tungsten cobalt carbide material, tungsten carbide (WC) as the matrix, cobalt (CO) as the bonding phase, made by powder metallurgy technology of high hardness, with high strength, good impact resistance wear resistant. The hardness of tungsten carbide studs HRA is about 87, which can greatly improve the service life and working efficiency of roller press, and has high wear resistance. Read More

  • Why is tungsten cobalt carbide studs damaged?


    Tungsten-cobalt carbide stud has the advantages of wear resistance and high hardness, but the anti-shear ability is slightly weak. There will also be damage in the process of use, such as fracture or accelerated wear and tear. In the production and operation of the studded-roller, the studded-roller is subjected to severe high stress abrasive wear, shear force damage and long-term fatigue damage. In the operation process, the studded-roller will fracture, peel off and serious wear problems, thus affecting the output and service life of the roller press. The common reasons for the damage of tungsten cobalt carbide stud are summarized here. Read More

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