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  • Processes of Cemented Carbide Plates


    The production process of Zhuzhou cemented carbide plate​ is as below. Powder making→formulation according to the requirements of use→wet grinding→mixing→crushing→drying→sieving→then adding forming agent→drying again→sieving to make the mixture→granulation→pressing→forming→sintering→forming (blank)→flaw inspection→packaging→warehousing. Read More

  • The working principle of carbide plunger rod


    Cemented carbide piston rod is a metal rod in the piston pump, using the process of powder metallurgy preparation, the plunger is mainly in the pump or compressor to transport fluid, so for the plunger rod requirements are high, wear-resistant, high hardness, corrosion resistance, long service life, with this feature can reduce the replacement of the plunger rod, reduce business costs and expand the efficiency of machine operations. Next together with the working principle of the carbide plunger rod. Read More

  • High density tungsten blocks for crane balancing


    The use of counterweights is used as a way of maintaining balance. Their weight is generally calculated according to the strength of the machine itself and must not be too heavy or too light. If it is too heavy, there is a high risk of damage to the strength of the vehicle when lifting the weight; conversely if it is too light, there is a high risk of rollover. In order to make the vehicle more versatile, some large tonnage cranes have removable counterbalance blocks. When lifting small tonnage materials, the crane can be hung with less or no counterbalance blocks. However, it should be noted that when lifting large tonnage goods, the balancing blocks must all be hung, and even overweight devices must be added to prevent accidents from occurring and causing irreparable consequences. This shows the importance of tungsten alloy counterweight blocks. Read More

  • Features of tungsten carbide rotary burrs


    Carbide rotary file is widely used in machinery, automobile, shipbuilding, chemical industry, craft carving and other industrial departments, with remarkable effect, the main uses are:(1) fine processing of various metal mold cavity, such as shoe mold and so on.(2) all kinds of metal and non-metal c Read More

  • What Is Tungsten Carbide Rotary Burrs


    Tungsten carbide rotary burrs, which is also called rotay cutter, rotary tool, die grinding tool, etc., used with high speed electric mill or pneumatic tools. Carbide rotary file is widely used in machinery, automobile, shipbuilding, chemical industry, process engraving and other industrial sectors. It can be used to process cast iron, cast steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, hardened steel, copper and aluminum. Read More

  • Classification Of Tungsten Carbide Ball


    Tungsten Carbide ball is a product made of tungsten carbide alloy, also known as carbide ball, can be used in bad environment, so the utilization rate is very high, it has a wide range of applications, its hardness is greater than 90.5, density is 14.9g/cm3, often instead of steel ball products.Today we mainly understand the classification of tungsten steel ball in detail. Read More

  • What is Tungsten Ball?


    Tungsten balls have a high density, small size and large mass, and they have a high impact momentum when fired from the barrel. Zhuzhou Jinxin provides high quality tungsten alloy ball products, can provide a variety of sizes, different surface treatment of high density tungsten alloy ball. Meet your various needs Read More

  • Fixing of tower crane counterweight block


    Counterweight block if high fall, or the lower half of the fracture of high fall, it is very dangerous, easy to hurt, so the selection of Zhuzhou Jinxin tungsten counterweight block, corrosion resistance, weathering resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, long service life, reduce repeated procurement, is a good way for enterprises to reduce costs. Read More

  • Tungsten alloy counterweights for steamships


    Marine tungsten alloy counterweight is the ideal material for Marine counterweight. First of all, because of the environmental protection of tungsten alloy counterweight, it is very friendly to the water environment, but also because of its high density, easy machining, tensile strength and high hardness, so that the ship can maintain balance, more stable operation. Now, let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of tungsten alloy counterweights. Read More

  • Tungsten Carbide Studs for High Pressure Grinding Roller


    High Pressure Grinding Roller is an energy-efficient crushing equipment of new technologies. High performance of carbide stud extends the life of High-Pressure-Grinding-Roller. Zhuzhou Jinxin provides quality carbide studs with good wear resistance and high compressive strength, which can satisfy the requirements of different conditions. Read More

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