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Advantages of tungsten carbide cutting tools

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Tungsten carbide cutting tools are a type of cutting tool widely used in industrial processing, usually used to process metals, alloys, plastics and other materials. The following are some of the features and advantages of tungsten carbide cutting tools:

High hardnessRT22 (11)

Tungsten carbide has extremely high hardness, which can reach 1700-2000 on the Mohs hardness scale, which is 5-10 times that of ordinary steel. Therefore, it can maintain the sharpness of the blade and is more suitable for processing high-hardness materials.

High wear resistance

Tungsten carbide cutting tools have excellent wear resistance and can maintain the performance of the tool during long-term processing, improve the efficiency of tool use, and reduce the frequency of tool replacement.

High temperature resistance

Tungsten carbide cutting tools can maintain stable cutting performance even in high temperature environments and will not lose cutting performance due to high temperature melting and thermal expansion.

Strong chemical stability

Tungsten carbide cutting tools have good chemical stability. They can effectively avoid chemical corrosion caused by various metal processing during metal processing, maintain the surface finish of the tool, reduce the cost of cutting fluid and reduce the frequency of equipment replacement.

Wide application range and high cutting efficiency

Tungsten carbide cutting tools are suitable for various materials and complex processing environment operations, including cutting, turning, drilling, boring, etc. Because tungsten carbide cutting tools have high hardness and wear resistance, they can cut various materials quickly and efficiently, thereby significantly improving processing efficiency and reducing production costs.

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