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  • Tungsten Alloy Sheet in The Medical Field Application


    Tungsten alloy sheet has a wide range of applications in the medical field, including the production of medical instruments, medical needles, nuclear medicine protective equipment and so on. The following are some common applications of tungsten alloy sheet in medical field: Read More
  • Advantages of Tunsgten Carbide Nozzles


    As the surface finish and processing dimensional tolerance of tungsten carbide can meet the use of mechanical seal wear-resistant parts, and its physical property indicators determine it is suitable for seismic and shock absorption material requirements The improvement of tool material performance can promote production efficiency, improve the use requirements of production equipment, cemented carbide has good physical stability performance then it is a tool material widely used in industrial. Read More
  • High-quality Tungsten Carbide Wear-resistant Rings


    ​With the continuous development of industrial technology, wear-resistant materials play a vital role in the field of machining. Among many wear-resistant materials, high-quality tungsten carbide wear-resistant rings have become one of the highly regarded materials in the engineering field due to their excellent performance. Read More
  • Analysis of sealing performance of cemented carbide valve seat


    Cemented carbide valve seats are widely used in various industrial fields due to their excellent sealing performance and multifaceted advantages. The excellent performance of its sealing performance makes the carbide valve seat become an indispensable and important part of the valve field, providing a reliable guarantee for the safe and efficient operation of industrial production. Read More
  • Application of Tungsten Alloy Counterweight in Bearing Manufacturing Industry


    Tungsten alloy counterweight is a common and important part in the bearing manufacturing industry, and its role is to balance and adjust the bearing. The following is a specific analysis of the application of tungsten alloy counterweight in the bearing manufacturing industry. Read More
  • ​Tungsten Alloy Sheet Application in Chemical Industry


    In the field of chemical industry, tungsten alloy sheet has a variety of application cases due to its excellent physical and chemical properties. The following are some common tungsten alloy plate application cases in the chemical industry: Read More
  • Advantages of Cemented Carbide Buttons


    Cemented Carbide Buttons, as an important mechanical component, have unique advantages in the field of engineering and mining, with significant advantages in performance and application over ball gears made of other materials. This article will discuss the advantages of Cemented Carbide Buttons over other materials and illustrate their importance in engineering and mining. Read More
  • Which Fields Are Tungsten Alloy Counterweights Widely Used?


    As tungsten alloy counterweights have the characteristics of high density, high melting point, high hardness, high wear resistance, high ultimate tensile strength, high elongation, good machinability, non-toxic and non-polluting, high impact resistance and anti-cracking, etc., tungsten alloy counterweightsare widely used in below fields: Read More
  • Tungsten Alloy Mobile Phone Vibrator


    Tungsten alloy mobile phone vibrator is an important part of mobile phone vibration device, and compared with other materials, tungsten alloy has significant advantages in density, hardness, wear resistance and other aspects. When the phone vibrates, there is an eccentric motion, which is caused by the eccentric motors in the vibrating parts. Because the center of gravity is shifted, rather than in the motor rotor, the phone begins to vibrate. In this way, mechanical parts with good wear resistance and high gravity are needed. Read More
  • Tungsten Alloy Vibrator Used in Clocks


    Tungsten alloy oscillator plays a key role in the clock, it is a device used to produce stable oscillations. Tungsten alloy is a metallic material with high density and high strength. This oscillator can swing inside the clock to provide a stable time base signal by oscillating. Read More
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