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How To Choose Tungsten Carbide Needles?

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How to choose tungsten carbide needles?

When selecting tungsten carbide needles, the material and thickness of the stamping must be considered. These factors directly affect the performance and life of the carbide needles.

Firstly, when the product being stamped is thicker, tungsten carbide grade with lower hardness but better toughness needs to be selected. This is because thicker materials need to withstand greater pressure and friction during the stamping process. If the hardness of the punching needle is too high, it may lead to increased brittleness, which can easily cause the needle to be missing or damaged during the process. Therefore, choosing tungsten carbide grades with better toughness can ensure that the punching needles maintain good elasticity and wear resistance while withstanding large pressure, thus extending their service life.

Secondly, when the material to be punched is hard, it is also necessary to choose a tungsten carbide grade with slightly lower hardness. This is because materials with higher hardness will cause greater wear and impact on the punching needles during the stamping process. If the hardness of the punching needles is too high, it may lead to a decrease in their wear resistance and accelerate the wear process. Therefore, choosing a slightly lower hardness tungsten carbide grade can ensure the strength of the punch needle while improving its wear resistance and impact resistance, thus reducing the damage and replacement frequency of the punch needle.

In addition, in addition to considering the material and thickness, it is also necessary to choose the right grade of tungsten carbide according to the specific stamping process and requirements. For example, for the occasions that require high precision stamping, you need to choose tungsten steel punching needles with high dimensional accuracy and good surface quality; for the occasions that need to withstand greater impact, you need to choose punching needles with higher strength and better toughness.

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