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what are tungsten rods used for?

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Tungsten rod, also known as tungsten alloy rod, is a material made of metal powder at a specific high temperature, and is often manufactured using special high-temperature powder metallurgy technology. Tungsten rods are widely used in many fields due to their unique physical and chemical properties. The following are the main uses of tungsten rods:

Welding electrodes: Tungsten rods are often used as electrode materials in arc welding, argon arc welding and other welding processes due to their high melting point and good electrical conductivity. Especially in high temperature environments, tungsten rods can stably maintain their shape and performance.

Glass and ceramic industry: The high melting point and chemical corrosion resistance of tungsten rods make them an important part of the glass and ceramic manufacturing process, especially for electrodes and heating elements in glass furnaces.

Grinding tool manufacturing: Tungsten rods can be used to make high-temperature and high-hardness grinding tools, such as tungsten steel grinding heads, for fine grinding and cutting in metal processing.

Tungsten Nickel Iron Round Rod (1)Tungsten Nickel Iron Round Rod (3)Tungsten Nickel Iron Round Rod (2)

Medical equipment: The high density and biocompatibility of tungsten rods make them used in medical equipment, such as radiotherapy equipment, X-ray protective clothing, etc.

Aerospace industry: Due to its high strength, high melting point and corrosion resistance, tungsten rods are used in the aerospace field to manufacture high-temperature engine parts, missile parts, etc.

In general, the application of tungsten rods covers multiple industrial fields, especially those that require high temperature, high strength and corrosion resistance.

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