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Other Tungsten Alloy Products

Tungsten alloy could also apply to many other fields such as 

1). Medical equipment

Medical tungsten alloy radiation shielding material series: 

a, tungsten alloy grating blade; 

b, tungsten alloy protection canister - for medical radioactive shielding wall; shielding syringe - for medical radioactive liquid shielding; tungsten alloy memory -- for storage of radioactive materials in tanks, boxes and other containers. 

c, Collimator - for medical linear gas pedal and nuclear technology applications in the tungsten alloy series of detection container system collimator; Co60 shielding of other radiation.

2) Electrical materials

Electrodes for electric spark processing and resistance welding; high specific gravity electrical contacts, contacts in air circuit breakers.

3)Military products: Armor-piercing bullets; submunitions, balls, rods, square grains, cylinders, other tungsten alloy electric upsetting blocks, tungsten alloy in nuclear technology applications.

4) High specific gravity alloy heat sink material

Taking the construction group company as the development blueprint, Jingxin Group will focus on the development of cemented carbide, mining machinery, engineering tools, auto parts, new energy, and leisure sports equipment industries.


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