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How to reduce machining carbide die defects?

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How to reduce machining carbide die defects?

In order to improve the performance of cemented carbide die, many manufacturers will process the cemented carbide die properly. How to reduce the machining defects of cemented carbide die? In this regard, Zhuzhou Jinxin has suggestions!

1. Reasonable selection and dressing of grinding wheels. When machining hard alloy moulds, diamond grinding wheels with organic adhesive are preferred.

2. Rational use of cooling lubrication fluid, play the three roles of cooling, washing and lubrication, keep the cooling and lubrication clean, so as to control the grinding heat within the allowable range, to prevent thermal deformation of the workpiece.

3. Electrolytic grinding is used to improve the manufacturing accuracy and surface quality of hard alloy die. The wear of grinding wheel is small, such as grinding hard alloy, the wear of silicon carbide grinding wheel is about 400% ~ 600% of the weight of grinding hard alloy, and when grinding by electrolysis, the wear of grinding wheel is only 50% ~ 100% of the grinding hard alloy.

4. Choose the grinding amount reasonably, and adopt the fine grinding method with small radial feed or even fine grinding. If the radial feed and grinding wheel speed are properly reduced and the axial feed is increased, the contact area between grinding wheel and workpiece is reduced and the heat dissipation condition is improved, so as to effectively control the increase of surface temperature.

In many cases, the processing of cemented carbide molds will also reflect the processing defects, leading to the decline of the performance of the molds, so it is also important to choose a good technical level, rich experience and perfect facilities for processing cemented carbide molds.

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