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Why is tungsten cobalt carbide studs damaged?

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Why is tungsten cobalt carbide studs damaged?  

Tungsten-cobalt carbide stud has the advantages of wear resistance and high hardness, but the anti-shear ability is slightly weak.  There will also be damage in the process of use, such as fracture or accelerated wear and tear.  In the production and operation of the studded-roller, the studded-roller is subjected to severe high stress abrasive wear, shear force damage and long-term fatigue damage. In the operation process, the studded-roller will fracture, peel off and serious wear problems, thus affecting the output and service life of the roller press.  The common reasons for the damage of tungsten cobalt carbide stud are summarized here.  

1. Applicability and quality of the studs grade.  In the selection of cemented carbide brand, the selection must be carried out according to the abrasive properties of the materials in the actual working conditions, and the performance index  such as hardness, bending strength and impact toughness must be selected as the most appropriate brand.  

2. Abrasive wear.  With the repeated operation of the roller press, the cyclic formation and damage of the protective layer of the material cushion cause the wear of the studs particles.  

3. Shear force damage.  Although the cemented carbide column studs has ultra high wear resistance, but its shear resistance is poor, under the impact of large materials, cemented carbide column stud is bound to fracture, drop Angle, wear and other phenomena, so it is very important to control the size of the material.  

The above is the common reasons and solutions for tungsten-cobalt cemented carbide studs damage, hoping to help you reduce the probability of cemented carbide studs damage and improve the service life of cemented carbide studs.  High quality carbide studs please choose Zhuzhou Jinxin produced.  

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