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Why Choose Tungsten Carbide for Stamping Die Materials?

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Why choose tungsten carbide for stamping die materials?

Pressing die is also called stamping die, why choose tungsten steel die?  Because the performance of stamping materials is closely related to stamping production, its performane directly affects stamping process design, stamping parts quality and product life, but also affects the organization of balanced production and stamping parts production costs.  

Metal materials are most commonly used in stamping production, but sometimes non-metallic materials are also used. Non-metallic materials include paperboard, laminate, rubber board, plastic board, fiberboard and mica, etc.  The tungsten carbide in the tungsten carbide die belongs to the metal material.  

stamping mould

When the production of large quantities of enterprise workpiece, it is more in need of high life die, and wear resistance is an important factor to determine the life of the die.  The wear resistance of commonly used stamping die steel is in order of carbon tool steel - alloy tool steel - matrix steel - high carbon and high chromium steel - high speed steel - steel bonded hard alloy – tungsten carbide.  It can be seen from the ranking that steel-bonded hard alloy and cemented carbides are the top wear resistance materials.  So you can consider the choice of cemented carbide which hardness and wear resistance higher than all kinds of mold steel.

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