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What are the advantages of non-magnetic alloy mold?

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What are the advantages of non-magnetic alloy mold?  

Non-magnetic alloy is not magnetic or with a very weak magnetic carbide materials.  For manufacturing magnetic materials forming mold require the use of magnetic material, most is the production of no magnetic steel on the market before, so we all use without magnetic steel mold, but not the performance of the magnetic steel mould is not good, and the hardness is low, service life is not long, according to feedback, no magnetic steel mold after long time use, its deformation of wall faces serious galling, wait for a phenomenon,  Thus, the dimensional accuracy and surface quality of magnetic materials are affected.  

And now the use of non-magnetic tungsten carbide mold, has excellent performance, such as high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, hardness, gradually replace the non-magnetic steel mold, magnetic hard alloy mold greatly improve the work efficiency.  

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At present, the manufacturing industry needs high-performance mold products, which can only improve production efficiency and promote economic development, and is also an important means of development.  In the oil industry, the high quality of the foundation of peace and stability of the equipment manufacturing industry is to guarantee the safety in production equipment, so for the non-magnetic alloy mould product performance requirements strictly, this also reflected without magnetic hard alloy moulds in the oil industry, aerospace, automobile industry in the areas of application, in the process of the development of these industries play an important role.  According to the difference of products, non-magnetic alloy mold products are customized alloy mold products according to special requirements.  

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