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Tungsten Carbide Mechanical Seal Ring for Centrifugal Pump

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Tungsten Carbide Mechanical Seal Ring for Centrifugal Pump

Zhuzhou has high quality carbide sealing ring parts tungsten carbide materials, can effectively solve the mechanical sealing ring hot crack and other problems, with sealing ring series smooth surface, grinding surface, concave, convex grinding equipment and ability, can better serve the needs of customers.

Centrifugal pump is the centrifugal force generated when the impeller rotates to transport liquid pump. To prevent leakage of fluid or solid particles from adjacent joint surfaces and to prevent external impurities such as dust and water from intruding into the internal parts of machinery and equipment. Carbide sealing ring is naturally indispensable. At the same time, the sealing ring, also known as the mouth ring, can reduce the wear between the impeller and the pump shell, prolong the life of the impeller and the pump shell.

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General centrifugal pump sealing leakage is mostly caused by the friction of the sealing end, so when selecting the material of the sealing ring, we should consider multiple. High temperature resistance, pressure resistance and pressure resistance to deformation, dry wear resistance, high load resistance, self lubrication, corrosion resistance, good air tightness. If the medium contains particles, hard alloy materials should be selected, in this condition, tungsten carbide mechanical seal ring is a good partner of centrifugal pump. Of course, we also need to consider all kinds of situations to choose the brand, such as the need for good corrosion resistance, can be used at high speed, you can choose YG3 brand, if you need high friction resistance, there is a certain impact toughness, commonly used active and static ring materials, you can choose YG6 brand.

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