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How to store the carbide roller ring?

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How to store the carbide roller ring?  

Tungsten carbide roller rings are indispensable parts in the process of high speed wire rod production, but also the account for most of the cost, so in order to reduce the cost, so the purchase of cemented carbide roll rings of strict quality control, save the management also need to be careful in using, because of the particularity of roll ring material at the same time, the daily management of roll ring has very strict requirements, placement, maintenance. Changsha Jingxin cemented carbide roller ring quality is excellent, after the purchase of the use of how to save management?  Changsha Jingxin has suggestions!  

1. Establish a roll ring management system and a management box specially for storage of roll rings. The management box is equipped with a roll ring management tracking card, so that every link of roll rings can be checked from the entry into the factory to the online use, so as to meet the actual production needs.  

2. The storage area of the roll ring management box shall be delimited. Other process parts and tools shall not be stored.  

3. The surface of the hard alloy roll ring management box is sprayed with the specifications of each product, so that it matches with the roll ring inside the box to ensure sufficient quantity.  

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This method is not necessarily suitable for all occasions, the final storage or the specific situation of the customer to formulate, if you have questions or want to find a way to this problem, you can consult Changsha Jingxin for customer service.

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