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About the Tungsten Alloy Plate

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About the Tungsten Alloy Plate

Tungsten alloy plate, as one of the most common product in high proportion of tungsten base alloy, although there are differences in length and thickness, shape is different, however, all products are made of transition metal tungsten as hard phase and metal nickel, iron, copper, silver and other elements as bonding phases.

Tungsten alloy plate is generally manufactured by powder metallurgy, injection molding or 3D printing because of the large difference in melting point between hard phase and bonded phase.  The most common or powder metallurgy.  Powder metallurgy is the technology of making various types of tungsten products by mixing raw materials in a certain proportion, moulding, liquid phase sintering, vacuum treatment and other steps.  The prepared tungsten alloy plate has the characteristics of high density, high melting point, high strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, good ductility and conductivity.  

Due to the different binder and binder usage, so the color, density, strength, thermal conductivity and thermal expansion coefficient and other physical indicators of tungsten alloy plate are not the same.  For example, when nickel and iron as the bonding phase, the color of the box is silver white, nickel and iron proportion is generally 7:3 or 1:1, the ratio of raw materials is mainly to see the tungsten alloy plate working conditions, according to the hardness, thermal conductivity, plasticity, density and other requirements to determine the ratio of raw materials.  

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