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Why we should choose tungsten alloy counterweight for the crane?

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Why we should choose tungsten alloy counterweight for the crane?

What is a crane?  Does the crane still need counterweight?  Why choose tungsten alloy counterweight block?  See this title, you must have doubts, here we will see the answer one by one.  

Crane is also derrick, mainly consists of power device and support two parts, in the lifting time, the counterweight is very important, the counterweight is mainly to maintain the balance of the block.  Its weight is generally added according to the strength of the car itself, too heavy, too light have disadvantages.  If it is too heavy, it is likely to cause damage to the strength of the car when lifting the weight;  If it is too light, it is likely to roll over.  In order to make the car more versatile, some large tonnage crane balance block is removable, when lifting small tonnage materials, the car can be hung less or no balance block.  However, when hoisting large tonnage items, the balance block must be fully hung, and even the excess device must be added to prevent the occurrence of overturned, resulting in casualties and damage to goods.  

tungsten alloy counterweight

When you look at this, you may think that other material counterweights can also be available, as long as the weight is up to the standard.  Why choose expensive tungsten alloy counterweights?  That is because of the high density of tungsten alloy, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.  The high specific gravity tungsten alloy as the key raw material, tungsten alloy density, so as to achieve the purpose of small volume and large weight, high flexibility, long service life.


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