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Tungsten carbide balls for ballpoint pens

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Tungsten carbide balls for ballpoint pens

Tungsten carbide ball also called carbide, tungsten steel ball, is widely used in ball pen written, a small written but it contains great mystery, contains a written and smaller tungsten steel ball, now for the ballpoint pen is written in fine, writing fluency, no leakage ink, at the same time hope writing time is longer, the more strict requirements for ballpoint pen written,  The length of writing means that the tip of the pen will need to be rubbed against the TUNGSTEN carbide ball more times, at least 300,000 times for a writing length of 1500 meters, so the quality of the tungsten carbide ball is key.  

The production of a ballpoint pen tip on precision requirements, no less than a precision watch, and need more than 20 processes.  Tungsten carbide ball abrasion resistance, high hardness, so to be able to meet the requirements of ball-point pen written bead, but for the size of the ball very hard, now the ink is the size of 0.5 mm or 0.3 mm, even less, so in tungsten carbide ball diameter is also in this size range, then the tungsten carbide ball bead and written clearance, going to micron precision,  small tungsten carbide ball will fall off or ink leakage, a little bigger ink or broken ink.  And require tungsten carbide ball is hollow, only a single hole for internal processing.  

Such a small ball point pen tungsten carbide ball, but has strict requirements.  For the production of equipment is also very strict, and even many tungsten carbide ball manufacturers can not produce such tungsten carbide ball.  

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