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Is Tungsten Carbide Seal Ring Better More tightly ?

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Is Tungsten Carbide Seal Ring Better More tightly ?  

Mechanical seal dynamic ring and static ring, need long-term operation of dynamic and static ring friction causes of wear and tear, spring and shaft sleeve can also damage and damage. To make the sealing ring use a long time, it need use high wear-resisting durable high temperature resistant material. So tunsgten carbide material into everyone's vision, tungsten carbide seal ring has become the first choice. But in use for a long time,  many people will be afraid of loosening caused by leakage problems, so they think that in the installation, the tungsten carbide seal ring design or manufacture should be as tight as possible, is it really true?  

Like ordinary materials, due to aging, loss of elasticity, resulting in mechanical leakage.  But the characteristics of cemented carbide sealing ring, high temperature, long time and other harsh working conditions, will also maintain good chemical and physical properties.  So it doesn't have to be as tight as possible.  

If the hard alloy dynamic sealing ring is too tight, it is harmful and useless. First, it aggravates the wear between the sealing ring and the shaft sleeve, and causes premature leakage.  Second, it increases the resistance of axial adjustment and movement of the moving ring, so it cannot be adjusted timely when the working condition changes frequently.  Three is the spring overfatigue easy to damage;  Fourth, the moving ring sealing ring deformation, affect the sealing effect.  

Cemented carbide static sealing ring, basically in a static state, relatively close sealing effect will be better, but too tight is also harmful.  One is caused by excessive deformation of static ring seal, affecting the sealing effect;  Second, static ring have high hardness, generally more brittle, excessive stress is easy to cause fragmentation.  

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