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High Quality Tungsten Alloy Counterweight

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High Quality Tungsten Alloy Counterweight

Tungsten alloy counterweight is mainly used for balancing weight, such as: tire counterweight, ship counterweight, crane counterweight and so on.  Tungsten alloy counterweight blocks are made of tungsten nickel-copper alloy and tungsten nickel-iron alloy. Although both of them are typical three-phase alloys in tungsten base alloys, they have great differences in physical and chemical properties, process parameters and applications due to different binder used.  

Generally, it is through the raw material ratio after the powder is pressed into the embryo body, and then through the sintering plastic processing, and finally get the tungsten alloy counterweight block.  Such tungsten alloy counterweight blocks have high melting point, high density, high tensile strength, good toughness, good wear resistance, excellent ductility, low thermal expansion coefficient, strong oxidation resistance, good electrical and thermal conductivity, etc.  

Of course, the metal powder materials of raw materials are different, and the final products are also different.  Different material ratio will also lead to the change of multi-attribute of finished product.  For example: color change, add too much copper, the tungsten alloy weight block color will be biased to copper, and due to the good thermal conductivity of copper, the thermal conductivity of natural finished tungsten alloy weight block will become better, if the bonding phase material is reduced, increase the content of tungsten, the tungsten alloy weight block melting point and density will be greater.  

This kind of demand, of course, will eventually be based on the needs of enterprises to match raw materials, the preparation of tungsten alloy counterweight blocks satisfactory to major enterprises. Zhuzhou Jinxin is committed to solving enterprise problems and providing high quality tungsten alloy products for major enterprises.  


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