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A list of these tungsten alloy counterweight articles makes it easy for you to quickly access relevant information. We have prepared the following professional tungsten alloy counterweight, hoping to help solve your questions and better understand the product information you care about.
  • Advantages of Tungsten Alloy Counterweights in the Crane


    As one of the important parts of the crane, the counterweight block is mainly used to keep the balance of the crane. The best material for the counterweight block of the crane is tungsten alloy with high specific gravity. Although the production cost and price of tungsten alloy counterweight block are higher than lead, iron, but it is more practical, has longer life, relatively longer service cycle, low replacement frequency, reduce the cost. Its advantages are mainly the following three: Read More

  • Why we should choose tungsten alloy counterweight for the crane?


    Why choose expensive tungsten alloy counterweights? That is because of the high density of tungsten alloy, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. The high specific gravity tungsten alloy as the key raw material, tungsten alloy density, so as to achieve the purpose of small volume and large weight, high flexibility, long service life. Read More

  • High Quality Tungsten Alloy Counterweight


    Tungsten alloy counterweight is mainly used for balancing weight, such as: tire counterweight, ship counterweight, crane counterweight and so on. Tungsten alloy counterweight blocks are made of tungsten nickel-copper alloy and tungsten nickel-iron alloy. Although both of them are typical three-phase alloys in tungsten base alloys, they have great differences in physical and chemical properties, process parameters and applications due to different binder used. Read More

  • What is the counterweight block of the tower crane?


    The application of counterweight block is very wide. In some construction sites, we will often see the tower crane. The working principle of the tower crane is to maintain stability after lifting heavy objects through the balance of counterweight block and the toughness of the metal structure of the tower body. In general, it is the balance of the arm weight, lifting the heavy objects before tilting to the arm.Therefore, the counterweight block can not be more or less, must be configured according to the weight of the instructions. Read More

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