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Fixing of tower crane counterweight block

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Tower crane safety is very important, the first is the tower crane weight block fixed, why? Because the news has reported the accident of the counterweight slipping from the balance arm before, so we should pay attention to the fixed safety of the tower crane counterweight block, after all, an accident is a big thing, we understand why the counterweight block will slip?

The counterweight block is usually placed in the mounting slot on the balance arm with a pin shaft.

Firstly, the weight block weathering, collision and other damage, stone or small concrete, serious when the whole weight block will slide.

Secondly, the pin will swing out and cause the counterweight to slip.

Thirdly, the larger space left after the arm reduction will allow the counterweight block to slide sideways.

Counterweight block if high fall, or the lower half of the fracture of high fall, it is very dangerous, easy to hurt, so the selection of Zhuzhou Jinxin tungsten counterweight block, corrosion resistance, weathering resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, long service life, reduce repeated procurement, is a good way for enterprises to reduce costs.

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