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Features of Tungsten Alloy Luya Fishing Sinkers

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Features of Tungsten Alloy Luya Fishing Sinker

Tungsten alloy fishing sinker is now widely used, the features is as below:

1. Tungsten alloy fishing sinker is small in volume and heavy in ratio. Even if heavy, it is smaller than a traditional lead sinker. This makes it harder for fish to see it in the water. And, even in the deep sea, it is easy to fish.

2. Tungsten alloy fishing sinker is made of hard material and will not be stuck in the mouth of the fish. Traditional lead sinker are soft and can get stuck if swallowed by prey. Tungsten pendants, on the other hand, are harder and can be removed smoothly from the fish's mouth.

tungsten sinker

3. Tungsten alloy fishing sinker has strong wind resistance and good hand feel. In the process of fishing, it can resist the influence of external wind, and achieve a more ideal fishing effect, so that your fishing becomes more relaxed!

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