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Different Categories of Tungsten Fishing Sinkers

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Different categories of tungsten fishing sinkers

 There are various categories of tungsten fishing sinkers, such as sea rod sinkers, hand rod sinkers, casting weight sinkers and so on. They can also be classified according to different shapes and specifications, and according to different classification methods, fishing sinkers also form various categories.

(1) According to the different shapes, it can be divided into bullet-shaped fishing sinker, teardrop-shaped fishing sinker, fish mouth-shaped fishing sinker, fish-shaped fishing pendant, ball-shaped fishing pendant, etc.

(2) According to the different specifications, it can be divided into: 1/16oz, 1/8oz, 3/16oz, 1/4oz, 5/16oz, 3/8oz, 1/2oz, 3/4oz, 1oz, 1.25oz, 1.5oz, 2.0oz, 2.25oz, 2.5oz (oz is the abbreviation of the symbol ounce, called in Chinese "ounce" 1oz = 28.350g).

tungsten Pagoda Nail Sinker (8)

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