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Characteristics of Tungsten Alloy Rods

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Characteristics of Tungsten Alloy Rods  

Products made of tungsten alloy are divided into tungsten alloy rods, tungsten alloy cubes, tungsten alloy plate and the tungsten alloy ball and so on, depending on the shape of the products. Thet are different mainly on the purpose, the basic physical and chemical properties are similar, also have a high melting point, high density, high hardness, high strength, low thermal expansion coefficient, high elastic modulus, wear resistance, high temperature resistant, good conductive thermal conductivity, etc.  

Of course, the specific characteristic coefficient of tungsten rod is related to the ratio of raw materials.  Most of them are alloy products with refractory tungsten as hard phase and cobalt, nickel, iron, copper and other metals as bonding phase. When the bonding agent is copper, the color, melting point, density and electrical conductivity of tungsten rod will be different. With the increase of copper content, the color of tungsten rod will tend to copper color, and the electrical conductivity is better.  The melting point and density of tungsten rod will increase with the increase of tungsten content.  

The physical and chemical properties, process parameters and applications of tungsten alloy rod are different with different binder.  Therefore, when purchasing tungsten rods, it is necessary to choose models. At this time, it is necessary to consider the way of use, working conditions and other aspects to balance product performance and apply to machinery and equipment, so as to provide the service life of tungsten rods and equipment, reduce the scrap rate, refurbishment times and so on, improve enterprise efficiency and maximize enterprise benefits.  

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