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Application Of Tungsten Carbide Plates

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Applications Of Tungsten Carbide Plates

Different uses of tungsten carbide plate have different requirements for material and performance. We need choose the appropriate material grade when we use tungsten carbide plates. Zhuzhou Jinxin can provide carbide plate grade recommendation service, help you solve the difficulty, improve efficiency. Next let’s understand the application scope of tunsgten carbide plate.

1. Blanking die. 

It is used for making high-speed stamping die and multi-station progressive die for blanking copper, aluminum, stainless steel, cold rolled sheet, silicon steel sheet, hardware, standard parts, upper and lower punches, etc.

2. Wear resistant cutting tools. 

Such as woodworking industry tools, plastic crushing tools, etc.

3. High temperature resistant parts. 

For example, the guide rails of machine tools, anti-theft reinforcement plates of automatic teller machines, etc.

4. Corrosion resistant parts. 

Such as the chemical industry.

5. Radiation protection equipment. 

Such as medical devices.


Tungsten carbide have characteristics of wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, the application range is wide, can adapt to various working conditions. Zhuzhou Jinxin specializes in the production and processing of custom cemented carbide products, is old enterprises more than 20 years. It is a national high-tech enterprises, for the production and processing of products strictly implement national standards.

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