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Why it is necessary to install tire counterweights on a car?

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Why it is necessary to install tire counterweights on a car?

A tire counterweight, also known as a tire balancing block, is a small part that is installed on the wheels of a car. The purpose of the tire counterweight is to enable the wheel to maintain dynamic balance under high speed rotation.

Due to the manufacturing process and design, the wheels and tires are not guaranteed to be 100% round, for example, the wheel is designed with valve nozzles, and the weight of the valve nozzles makes the weight of the wheel unevenly distributed. The weight of the valve nozzle is not the same for different materials, and these seemingly small parts can affect the dynamic balance of the wheel. This is where counterweight parts can be used.

If the wheels are not in a state of dynamic balance, when the wheels are rotating at high speed, the vehicle will vibrate, with the steering wheel shaking the most obvious, and the vehicle will resonate at a certain speed, which is quite uncomfortable for drivers with OCD. If the wheel balance is not adjusted for a long time, the tire wear speed will be accelerated, which will seriously damage the suspension system and affect the life of the mechanical structure. Use the tire dynamic balance test to install the four wheels of the car one by one on the spindle of the dynamic balancing machine, test the wheel runout, XYZ direction displacement, camber and other data, calculate the wheel imbalance position and imbalance weight, according to the results, install the tire counterweight block on the wheel, and then repeat the test until the wheel dynamic balance. Generally the counterweight block for a single wheel should be controlled below 60 grams.

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In order to have a good driving experience, a good counterweight block is certainly indispensable, and carbide counterweight blocks are preferred. 

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