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Why Are Tungsten Alloy Shielding Products Called Ideal Shielding Parts?

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Why Are Tungsten Alloy Products Called Ideal Shielding Parts?

Tungsten alloy shielding products have the characteristics of high proportion, high hardness, strong rigidity, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, wear resistance and high temperature resistance, and environmental protection, non-toxic, shielding, is now known as the ideal shielding parts.  

Recently, with the development of society, the consumption of coal and fossil fuels, which are non-renewable resources, has been increasing. At present, most countries advocate the concept of environmental protection and renewable energy, and the rise of nuclear power generation has replaced coal power generation.  

Nuclear power plants that use uranium compounds such as uranium oxide and uranium carbide as nuclear fuel produce radioactive waste that is either recycled or transferred to shielded tanks.  However, the way of recycling is difficult and costly, so most countries use direct disposal, installed in a shielded barrel, and then stored for 50 years after solidification, packaging and other processing for geological deep burial.  

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Shielding irrigation for high-level nuclear waste is suitable for tungsten alloy products.  Because of its high density, shielding effect is far better than that of lead alloy material under the same thickness, and it has good thermodynamic and chemical properties, non-toxic and environmental protection, so it is more in line with the requirements of future development.  

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