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What is the Structure of Tungsten Carbide Studed Roller?

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What is the Structure of Tungsten Carbide Studed Roller?

What is the relationship between tungsten carbide studed roller and tungsten carbide studs?  What is the role of carbide stud in production operation?  How is the carbide studs combined with the roll face?  The person that just contacts tungsten carbide studs may have such doubt .  Changsha Jingxin specializing in the production of cemented carbide nail producers, here let us understandard the cemented carbide studed roll structure.

The studed roller needs to rely on the high wear resistance of the cemented carbide studs to break the material, but the high hardness of the cemented carbide studs itself produces great stress deformation on the base material of the roller sleeve.  Today, most roll press manufacturers use a special adhesive method to connect the carbide stud to the mounting hole in the base material of the roll cover.  The bonding strength of cemented carbide stud and hole directly determines whether the cemented carbide nail can be fixed stably on the roll surface.  Therefore, in order to ensure that the cemented carbide stud does not fall off, it is necessary to improve the strength of the hole wall of the carbide studs, select a high strength adhesive, and install the cemented carbide studs.  

studded roller

In the production operation, the protective layer of cushion formed between the cemented carbide column nails can avoid the direct wear of the base material on the roll surface.  In the production and operation of the cemented carbide studs, the cemented carbidestuds should bear high strength abrasive wear, fatigue wear, material impact force and shear force, so the service life of the cemented carbide studs and the cushion protection layer complement each other.

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