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What are the advantages of Tungsten Carbide Burrs?

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What are the advantages of Tungsten Carbide Burrs?

Tungsten carbide burr offers a variety of advantages in different industrial and machining processes you involve it.

Some of such advantages include the following;

1. High Removal Rates

Ideally, the tungsten carbide bur grades are often selected specifically for every rotary file model and its specialized design.

This allows it to attain high removal rates hence providing desirable results on your workpiece. Moreover, it allows you to save more money and time.

2. Highly Durable

When properly used and maintained, tungsten carbide burr can have about 50-100 times longer tool life than an ordinary HSS file.

This is advantageous since it guarantees reliability and performance at the same time.

3. Highly Versatile

Tungsten carbide burr is extremely hardy hence making it ideal to use in a variety of applications across different industries.

You can use it in applications such as aerospace, automotive, casting, and precision engineering, among others.

4. Available in many Varieties

Tungsten carbide burrs are manufactured and supplied in different standard and custom sizes and shapes.

You can also find some in long, flexible, or double-ended versions to fit the needs of most specialized processes and applications.tungsten carbide burr

5. High Efficiency

Tungsten carbide burrs yield better efficiency in different applications, given these tools are designed with high concentricity.

You also get to obtain excellent dimensional accuracy, allowing you to obtain workpieces with the required dimension.

It also creates a relatively comfortable working with somewhat less noise and reduced vibration.

In such regard, you can be certain of attaining an even and smooth workpiece preparation effortlessly.

6. Cost-effectiveness

Purchasing and using tungsten carbide burr, especially in bulk, is seemingly affordable and economical.

Ultimately, you’ll end up saving a considerable amount of money and time even when operating on a budget.

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