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What Is Tungsten Fishing Sinkers?

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What is Tungsten alloy Sinkers?

Tungsten alloy fishing sinkersis made of the metal tungsten alloy, which is an ideal alternative to lead sinkers.  Tungsten alloys are small in size and large in weight, so they are more used for counterweights in sports, such as fishing sinkers, golf counterweights and so on.  

Tungsten alloys are ideal to replace lead sinkers, which are toxic and increasingly considered an environmental hazard.  Tungsten is heavier and denser than iron, and 30% smaller than lead for the same weight.  Tungsten is also used in other fishing products, such as carbide cutters, and tungsten powder is used to ferry fishing lines.  

Tungsten-alloy sinkers is designed to mimic the movements of small fish, even if you just keep stirring the reel and it moves like a small fish, so it's not to be sniffed at.  The key is to agitate the speed of the reel, suitable for any type of lures.  Whether you should roll fast or slow depends on lures and the circumstances at the time.  Just the simple technique of stirring the reel handle as the name suggests, this is the operation of repeatedly stopping and going.  

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