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What Is Tungsten Carbide Balls?

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What Is Tungsten Carbide Balls?

Cemented Carbide Balls, also known as Tungsten Carbide Balls, are a type of spherical product made of cemented carbide material. Cemented Carbide is a kind of alloy with tungsten carbide, cobalt and other elements as the main components, which has extremely high hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Therefore, Cemented Carbide Balls are widely used in a variety of occasions that require high precision and high wear resistance.

The process of manufacturing tungsten carbide balls usually includes the following steps:

1. Batching: mix tungsten, titanium, cobalt and other elements according to a certain proportion according to the need.

2. Pressing: Put the mixed raw materials into the mold, and make the ball by pressing or injection molding.

3. Sintering: The pressed spherical blanks are put into a high temperature furnace for sintering, so that the various elements in the blanks are fully integrated.

4. Processing: The sintered cemented carbide balls are processed by grinding and polishing to achieve the required precision and surface quality.

5. Inspection: Strict inspection is carried out on the processed cemented carbide balls to ensure that their quality meets the requirements.

Because of the characteristics of high hardness, wear-resisting and corrosion-resisting, Cemented Carbide Balls are widely used in the following fields:

1. Grinding: Cemented carbide balls can be used as grinding media for grinding various hard materials, such as quartz, corundum, etc. in grinding machines.

2. polishing: utilizing the hardness of tungsten carbide balls, they can be used as polishing tools to polish various materials.

3. sandblasting: tungsten carbide balls can be used as sandblasting media for surface treatment and cleaning.

4. cutting tools: due to the high hardness of the tungsten carbide balls, they can be used as cutting tool bits for cutting various metal materials.

5. Compressor fittings: In the air compressor industry, tungsten carbide balls are widely used in fittings such as piston rings and cylinder pressure gauges.

6. medical devices: in the field of medical devices, carbide balls can be used in the manufacture of high-precision medical tools such as dental drills and scalpel heads.

7. Other fields: In addition to the above application fields, Cemented Carbide Balls are also widely used in petroleum, chemical, electronic and other industries.

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