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What Are Tungsten alloy balls used for?

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What are tungsten alloy balls used for?

Tungsten alloy ball is used for counterweight or lethal parts of tungsten alloy products, known as the smallest high-density ball in the field of tungsten alloy, which means that it can be used in many fields, such as small and high density fields, such as golf club ball, fishing counterweight, military defense balance force and so on.

2.5mm tungsten ball

Tungsten alloy ball has small size, can be used in missile weapons projectile, armor piercing, hunting tools, shotguns, prefabricated fragments, missile weapons, ammunition armor piercing projectile balance force; Equilibrium force of petroleum logging;There are also some precision instrument fields, such as mobile phone vibrator, clock counterweight block, watch watch counterweight piece, mobile phone vibrator, flywheel counterweight, tungsten ball, etc.High gravity tungsten spheres and tungsten counterweights are widely used in counterweights and factories, as well as in military applications.

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