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Usage of Tungsten Carbide Tools

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Usage of Tungsten Carbide Tools

Tungsten carbide tools have the character of high wear resistance, high hardness and high temperature resistance, it is generally used in below fields:

Structure parts: hard alloy used for structural parts of the products are many, such as rotary seal ring, compressor piston, lathe chuck, grinding machine spindle, bearing journal, etc.

Wear-resistant parts: made of hard alloy wear-resistant parts nozzle, guide rail, plunger, ball, tire nail, snow scraper board, etc.

Cutting tools: Carbide can be used as a variety of cutting tools.The amount of cemented carbide used in cutting tools in China accounts for about one-third of the total output of cemented carbide, including 78% for welding tools and 22% for indexable tools.However, nc cutting tools with cemented carbide only accounted for about 20% of the indexable cutting tools with cemented carbide, in addition to the integral cemented carbide drill, integral cemented carbide circular saw blade, cemented carbide micro drill and other cutting tools.

Mould: Cemented carbide used for all kinds of molds accounts for about 8% of the total production of cemented carbide, there are drawing die, cold heading die, cold extrusion die, hot extrusion die, hot forging die, forming die and drawing tube mandrel, such as long mandrel, spherical core rod, floating core rod, etc. In recent years, the amount of all kinds of cemented carbide rolls for wire rolling increases rapidly.In China, cemented carbide for roll has accounted for 3% of the total production of cemented carbide.

Geo-mining tools: Geo-mining tools are also a great use for cemented carbide.China's geological and mining cemented carbide accounts for about 25% of the total production of cemented carbide, mainly used for impact drilling with drill, geological exploration with drill, mining and oil fields with the hole drill, cone drill and coal cutter cutter, building materials industrial impact drill.

High pressure and high temperature resistance cavity: the most important use is the production of synthetic diamond with the hammer, pressure cylinder and other products, hammer, pressure cylinder with cemented carbide has accounted for 9% of the total production of cemented carbide in China.

Other uses: cemented carbide uses more and more widely, in recent years has been expanding in the civil field, such as watchchain, watchcase, high-grade zipper head bags, cemented carbide trademarks.

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