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Tungsten carbide tools for CNC machine

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Tungsten carbide tools for CNC machine

Tungsten carbide tools have the advantages of high hardness, high strength, wear and impact resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and good toughness. They are mainly finishing alloys with ultra-fine particles of tungsten carbide as the main raw material and cobalt, yttrium and other metal elements or other refractory carbide powders as auxiliary materials, so they are loved by people in the CNC machine tool industry.

CNC lathe is a kind of automatic technology CNC lathe equipped with program process automatic control system, which can reasonably deal with the complicated, high precision, small batch production, multi-category parts processing difficulties. However, as a machine tool processing key parts of the CNC blade head must be regularly removed and replaced, because these directly control to the product workpiece processing accuracy, quality and high efficiency.

According to the product material material is not the same, CNC inserts are divided into four key categories: high-speed tool steel, carbide tools, ceramic, superhard materials. In the CNC machine tool industry, carbide tool CNC inserts comprehensive type is excellent, the use of a very wide range of fields. Compared with high-speed tool steel, the strength, wear resistance and red hardness of carbide tool CNC inserts are better than high-speed steel.

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