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Tungsten alloy fishing sinkers make winter fishing easier

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Tungsten alloy fishing sinkers make winter fishing easier

Winter fish is not easy to fish, so many anglers won’t go fishing in winter. However many old anglers like winter, because they can catch big board crucian carp, the colder the weather, the bigger board crucian carp, how to prevent fail to fish? Of course, we need pay attention to method, the use of tungsten alloy fishing sinkers can help you catch board crucian carp.

Fishing sinker is one of the essential accessories for fishing. Changsha Jingxin provides a variety of specifications, different styles of high quality tungsten alloy fishing sinkers, there is always a suitable for you.

According to well-known reports, high mortality rates in some waterbird species have been linked to the use of lead sinkers, and many lead products have been banned from the fishing industry. Tungsten sinkers are an alternative to lead that some environmentalists have long touted.

The biggest advantage of tungsten alloy fishing sinkers is that they provide higher sensitivity and help you feel small collisions that are often overlooked. Tungsten alloy requires 50 percent less material than lead to make the same weight, meaning that an ounce of tungsten alloy is smaller and less visible to fish in the water, making it ideal for deep-sea fishing. In addition, bullet fishing reduces falling resistance and speeds entry into the water. Its advantages are stable center of gravity, good balance, natural swimming shape Z, suitable for the surface of many obstacles, trees and mud in the water, especially in unfamiliar fishing grounds, can also be used to detect terrain.

bullet fishing sinker

In addition, due to the smaller barycenter and wind resistance, the fish drop made of tungsten alloy has a wider search area, which is suitable for slow and drag mode to gradually search the water layer where the fish are located.

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