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Spikes for Hiking Shoes

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Nowadays, hiking has become more and more popular with modern people as one of the entertainment items, and hiking will bring professional mountaineering equipment, which of course includes a pair of hiking shoes with non-slip nails. 

Surprisingly, shoes can also be fitted with spikes, because these cleats are for those who want to conquer the peak, the trained people, wear cleats shoes, can walk on difficult roads, glaciers, snow, because cleats shoes are usually hard, the bottom of the nail can reduce the possibility of slipping.

The non-slip nails directly into the sole, in order to increase the non-slip ability and safety performance of the shoes, the style and function of the non-slip nails are also available for users to choose, currently in northern Europe, North America, Russia and other regions are particularly widely used, mainly suitable for winter, mountaineering, snow accumulation is thick, or in a variety of uneven, bad road conditions where walking, Shoes are also in great need of spikes.

JX 005 shoe spikes

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