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Solid Tungsten Alloy Long-distance Fishing Sinkers

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Solid Tungsten Alloy Long-distance Fishing Sinkers

For fishing enthusiasts who like long-distance casting, Zhuzhou Jinxin has developed a solid tungsten high specific gravity luminous fishing sinkers after conducting tests, this fishing sinker has the following characteristics.

1. super long casting , as the iron plate fly; flight distance can be up to 70 meters or more (different people equipment).

2. Strong wind resistance.

3. Through the wire, strong, realize the sudden big fish attack small bait (enough to cope with large warbler, Gan, sea bass, blind slot, big grouper, peacock bass, Dorman and many other fish species).

4. Inline low gravity center design, free of gravity movement aerodynamic design, t o achieve falling into the water is the first posture presentation

5. Solid transparent body, realistic fish body.

6. A wide variety: customers can choose the number of grams according to their needs.

7. Night light, no longer afraid of fishing at night that can not see the fishing sinkers.

8. Environmentally friendly and non-toxic, protect the environment.

Zhuzhou Jinxin also supports the customization of fishing sinkers, professional custom manufacturers, advanced processing equipment, processing capacity, a large number of successful customization cases in various industries, according to different applications for reasonable selection of materials, reasonable optimization to achieve the ideal use effect of customer.

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