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Promoting Effect of Tungsten Carbide Grinding Ball for Mechanochemistry

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Promoting Effect of Tungsten Carbide Grinding Ball for Mechanochemistry

What is mechanochemistry? Why tungsten carbide grinding ball is the product of mechanical and chemical progress? What is the main use of tungsten carbide grinding ball? What changes does it bring to mechanochemistry, and what are the advantages of its use? Let's walk into the tungsten carbide grinding ball.

Mechanochemistry is a new subject which studies the chemical reactions, physicochemical properties and internal micro-structure changes of materials induced and acted on by mechanical forces. Mechanical force is generally applied by grinding, extrusion, shear, friction and other means, so as to induce changes in the chemical and physical properties of the reactants, so that the substance and the surrounding environment of solid, liquid, gas chemical transformation. Mechanochemistry is marked by the use of grinding methods instead of conventional experimental devices, such as automatic ball mills instead of heating and stirring, ball mill POTS instead of flares and beakers, and grinding media instead of solvents. Mechanochemical reaction parameters include frequency, medium to sample weight ratio, etc. Z Common reaction equipment is shaker and planetary ball mill.

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In the grinding process, for grinding frequency, grinding temperature are required, especially in the grinding process to prevent the chemical reaction of grinding equipment and grinding products and affect the final product. Grinding ball and ball grinding tank material has stainless steel, zirconia, tungsten carbide, ptfe and so on, some materials may bring metal pollution, so in the choice of time to be careful. But tungsten carbide environmental protection, non-toxic, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, become the ideal material for making grinding ball.

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