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Production process of carbide inserts

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Production process of carbide inserts

To make carbide inserts, firstly the tungsten oxide mixed with carbon and processed into tungsten carbide in a special furnace to form an extremely hard and fragile material.  Then tungsten carbide is mixed with cobalt, which is essential to the properties of the cemented carbide.  The more cobalt, the better the toughness of cemented carbide;  On the contrary, the harder and wear-resistant.  The weight ratio of different components is carried out with Z precision.  Next to understand the carbide Inserts  production process.  

1. The repression.  Basic shape and size are obtained by pressing with punch and die in automatic press.  

2. The sintering.  The molten cobalt is bonded to tungsten carbide particles through a sintering process.  The sintering furnace process does two things: the blade contracts significantly, and the contraction must be accurate to obtain the correct tolerance.  

3. Grinding.  The precise shape of the carbide blade can only be obtained through diamond grinding.  

4. Cutting edge processing.  The cutting edge is treated to obtain the correct shape to achieve the wear resistance of the required machining.  

5. The coating.  Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and physical vapor deposition (PVD) are two existing coating methods. The choice of the coating method depends on the material and processing method.  The coating thickness depends on the blade application. The coating determines the durability of the blade and the life of the blade.  

The last is inspection, marking, packaging and transportation, this is the production process of cemented carbide inserts.  

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