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10mm Ball Nose HRC65 Nano Coating Tungsten Carbide Milling Cutter

End mills are mainly used on vertical milling machines to process grooves and terraces, and they can also be used to process shaped surfaces. Used for processing grooves and stepped surfaces, etc.
It is made of micro-particle tungsten steel base material, which has higher wear resistance and strength. It belongs to the exclusive milling cutter for high-strength high-speed cutting applications.
Advantage :Sharp cutting edge, smooth drainage
  • HRC65 Ball Nose
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  • HRC65 Ball Nose

Product Description

10mm Ball Nose Tungsten Carbide End Mill Milling Tools 

R5 endmill

Products Features:

1. Special Cutting Edge: Special cutting edge can increase the cutting ability. The lifetime of tools and machines will be longer

2. Smooth And Wide Flute: Smooth and wide flute will remove the cuttings more easily

3. Heat-resistant Coating: With highly heat-resistant HELICA coating, can be used for high-speed processing

4. Bronze Coating: Under bronze coating, any abrasion is easy to be recognized

5. High Quality Raw Material: The raw material is used of high toughness, grain-sized carbon tungsten

6. Polished Surface Treatment: With high polished surface treatment, reduce the friction coefficient could be reduced, the lathe efficiency could be improved, more production time could be saved

Common Size Information for HRC65 Ball Nose Endmill:

hrc65 ball nose endmill

Applicable model description:

This product is suitable for all kinds of high-precision cutting machine tools such as CNC machine tools and high-speed machines.

Not applicable to low-speed equipment such as manual milling machines, bench drills, and hand drills.


1. Appropriately reduce the cutting speed and feed rate, which can extend the service life of the milling cutter.

2. When working, it is necessary to add a cutting protection knife edge to make the cutting smoother.

3. When the oxide film or other hardened layer remains on the surface of the workpiece, it can be removed by up-milling.


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