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Performance of Tungsten Alloy Blocks

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Performance of Tungsten alloy blocks

Tungsten alloy blocks have excellent physical and chemical properties, such as high density, hardness, ductility and resistance to high temperature corrosion.

  1. High density: tungsten alloy blocks are made of high specific gravity tungsten alloy and are therefore very dense, reaching more than twice the density of ordinary steel.

  2. Good machinability: Because of its ductility, tungsten alloy blocks can be machined by turning, milling, planing, threading and tapping, and can also be rolled, forged and forged to strengthen various shapes of parts.

  3. Good ductility: the block products made of W-Ni-Fe high density alloy have very good ductility, the elongation of its sintered state can reach 10%~15%, after the vacuum or atmosphere dehydrogenation treatment, the elongation can be increased to 20%~30%.

  4. High tensile strength: the tensile strength of tungsten alloy plate in the sintered state is 800~1000 MPa, and its strength can be increased to 1300~1500 MPa after heat treatment and deformation processing treatment.

  5. Good electrical properties: The material has good electrical properties such as electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance and high voltage resistance.

  6. Good thermal conductivity and low coefficient of linear expansion: its thermal conductivity is 5 times that of mould steel, and its coefficient of linear expansion is only 1/2 to 1/3 that of iron or steel.

  7. Good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.

  8. Good weldability: the high density alloy can be brazed with copper and silver solder and can be plated.

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