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Performace of carbide rolls

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Performace of carbide rolls

Carbide rolls, also known as carbide roll rings or tungsten carbide roll rings. It is produced in 1909 after the introduction of powder metallurgy technology, with the development of metal processing industry, then a variety of rollers with different uses have also emerged. Carbide rolls selected high-strength carbide, is the main working parts of the mill to produce continuous plastic deformation of metal and tools. So what is the performance of carbide rollers? let us go into the carbide rolls!

1, High hardness

Roll speed is high, rolling products to have a certain surface quality, for it to hardness, wear resistance, etc. as the main requirements. Then consider the wear resistance of the rolls when they are used.

2, Wear resistance, impact resistance

Some special environments have some special requirements for rollers, such as large amount of pressure, requiring rollers to have strong bite ability, high wear resistance, impact resistance.

3, Heat crack resistance

Usually rough rolls need strength and resistance to thermal cracking, because the working roll of small 20-roller mill weighs only about 100 grams, while the weight of the support roll of wide thick plate mill is more than 200 tons.

4, Surface roughness

When rolling thin specification products, the rigidity of the rolls, the uniformity of organizational properties, processing accuracy and surface finish, etc. requirements are strict.

5, Cutting performance

When rolling complex sections of sections, the cutting performance of the working layer of the roll body is also considered.

Tungsten carbide rolls have higher and more requirements, so when buying rolls, you should consider choosing an enterprise factory with good equipment condition, stable rolling process and strong strength. Zhuzhou Jinxin is located in Zhuzhou, Hunan Province, which is the largest production base, R&D base, secondary deep processing base and talent training base of cemented carbide in China.

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