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Introduction of Carbide Saw Blade Tips

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Introduction of Carbide Saw Blade Tips

Carbide saw blade tips are widely used in sawing of various materials due to their high hardness, high wear resistance, high red hardness and other characteristics. Its excellent performance makes the tungsten carbide saw tooth blade become the first choice tool for high efficiency and high precision sawing.

The main material of tungsten carbide saw tooth blade is tungsten-cobalt-titanium tungsten carbide, which has extremely high hardness, good abrasion resistance and heat resistance, and can maintain stable performance under high temperature and low temperature environment. In addition, the red hardness of tungsten carbide sawtooth blade is also very high, and it can maintain its cutting performance under the high temperature condition for a long time.

application of saw blade tips

Carbide-tipped sawtooth blades are widely used in wood processing, stone processing, metal processing and other fields. In wood processing, carbide sawtooth blades can efficiently cut various hardnesses of wood; in stone processing, due to its high hardness, it can reduce cutting resistance and improve cutting efficiency; in metal processing, carbide sawtooth blades are suitable for various kinds of high hardness and high toughness metal materials.

The manufacturing process of cemented carbide saw blade tips mainly includes powder preparation, pressing molding, sintering, fine grinding and coating treatment and other steps. Among them, powder preparation is the key link, directly affecting the performance of serrated blades; pressing molding and sintering process controls the internal structure of serrated blades; fine grinding and coating treatment directly affects the surface quality and cutting performance of the blades.

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