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How to produce carbide rods in short time?

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How to produce carbide rods in short time?  

There are many ways to produce carbide rods, in addition to extrusion molding, can also be produced by molding, which is the best way for short rods production.  This method can produce carbide rods quickly. Let's learn about this method and see what its advantages and disadvantages are.  

The hard alloy powder is pressed into shape by the mold.  The advantages of this kind of cemented carbide rods forming mode: can be a molding, reduce waste.  Simplify line cutting process, save dry material cycle of extrusion mode.  High production efficiency, to achieve professional and automatic production.  


Time is saved, but the disadvantages of this method are also exposed, inappropriate and complex artifacts.  At the same time, the production of mold complex investment, coupled with the restrictions of the press, can only accept the mass production of small cemented carbide rod.  

There are advantages and disadvantages, mainly depends on how customers choose. Changsha Jingxin can produce according to customers' ideas and needs.  Because Changsha jingxin has advanced equipment, modern factory, complete assembly line, adhere to professional production.


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