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How does Tungsten Carbide Burr compare with HSS?

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How does Tungsten Carbide Burr compare with HSS?

Tungsten carbide burrs and HSS burrs, these two types of tools vary on several grounds, including the following;

A tungsten carbide, contains mainly tungsten carbide and cobalt, forming a special class of high hardness alloy.

High-Speed Steel (HSS), however, consists of carbon compound and any other alloy metallic element.

In terms of speed, tungsten carbide burr has a 4-7 faster-cutting speed more than High-Speed Steel.

When it comes to strength, tungsten carbide burr is relatively hard hence having a longer tool life and faster cutting data compared to HSS.

tungsten carbide burr

In regards to pricing, HSS is seemingly less expensive than tungsten carbide burr.

This makes HSS an ideal option for high-mix, low-volume applications.

In terms of longevity, tungsten carbide burr is more durable than HSS.

In essence, tungsten carbide burrs has excellent wear resistance hence resilient and less brittle than the HSS burrs.

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