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Features Of Tungsten Carbide Ring

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Features Of Tungsten Carbide Ring

With the continuous progress of industrial technology and the expansion of application fields, the requirements for sealing materials are also increasing. As a kind of high-performance sealing material, JINXIN tungsten carbide ring has been widely used in various industries with its excellent performance. In this article, we will introduce the characteristics of Jinxin tungsten carbide ring from the aspects of high temperature and pressure resistance, abrasion and corrosion resistance, as well as environmental friendliness.

First of all, tungsten carbide ring has excellent high-temperature pressure resistance. Under high temperature environment, many traditional sealing materials tend to soften or deform, resulting in reduced sealing effect. In contrast, tungsten carbide rings, with their high melting point and excellent thermal stability, are able to maintain stable performance under extremely high temperature conditions. Whether in high-temperature scenarios such as petrochemical, aerospace, nuclear energy, or vacuum sealing applications in electronics and semiconductors, tungsten carbide rings are able to maintain excellent high-temperature resistance to ensure the normal operation of equipment.

carbide ring

Secondly, tungsten carbide rings have excellent wear and corrosion resistance. In industrial production, sealing materials often need to withstand high-speed rotation, high friction and corrosive media. With its high hardness and special alloy formula, tungsten steel rings are able to withstand these extreme environments. Whether in offshore oil platforms, mining equipment or chemical reactors, Jinxin tungsten carbide rings are able to demonstrate excellent wear and corrosion resistance.

Taking the construction group company as the development blueprint, Jingxin Group will focus on the development of cemented carbide, mining machinery, engineering tools, auto parts, new energy, and leisure sports equipment industries.


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