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Different Usage of Tungsten Alloy Cylinders

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Different Usages of Tungsten Alloy Cylinders

Tungsten alloy cylinders are increasingly used in military defence, automotive, marine and various counterweights due to the above-mentioned excellent properties.

1. Automotive counterweight

Tungsten alloy cylinders are used as counterweights for automobiles. Compared with the counterweights made of non-toxic materials commonly used in automobiles, the weight of tungsten is 3.2 times heavier than their counterweights. Therefore, tungsten alloy cylinders have great flexibility in automotive design.

2. Military defence

Tungsten alloy cylinders are used in military defence as bullets, artillery shells, shrapnel heads, grenades, shotguns, bullet slugs, bullet-proof vehicles, tank armour, artillery and other aspects.

3. Counterweights for boats

Boats do not have enough weight in the water and are prone to capsize, especially in high winds. Tungsten alloy cylindrical counterweights placed at the bottom of the keel can ensure that the boat is upright and balanced.

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