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Carbide Mining Tips for Rock Excavation

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Carbide Mining Tips for Rock Excavation

Carbide mining tips is used in geological exploration and rock excavation, such as rock mining, excavation, rock drilling in exploration operations, core sampling, rock analysis and other operations in tunnel, mine, road and other construction.

The advantages of carbide mining tips in rock excavation are mainly reflected in the following aspects: 

Good wear resistance: carbide blade has high hardness and good wear resistance, and can maintain the sharpness and accuracy of the cutting edge for a long time. 

High cutting efficiency: The cutting efficiency of the carbide blade is high, and the rock can be cut quickly. 

Safe and reliable: The processing accuracy of carbide bit is high, which can avoid errors in the digging process and improve the safety and reliability of construction. 

Long service life: The service life of cemented carbide blade is long, which can reduce the number of tool replacement and maintenance costs. 

Wide applicability: carbide brazing is suitable for a variety of types of rock formations, including harder granite, basalt, limestone, etc., but also suitable for softer siltstone, mudstone and so on.

carbide mining tips

Therefore, cemented carbide tips have been widely used in rock excavation, and with the continuous development of technology, the application prospect of cemented carbide bits in rock excavation will continue to expand.

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