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Advantages of Tungsten Alloy Rods

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Advantages of Tungsten Alloy Rods

Tungsten alloy rod is produced by pressing metal powders and sintering them into billets, which is worked by rolling or swaging into rod. it is produced in straight random lengths with a smooth swaged surface at diameters 3mm and larger, and with a smooth drawn finish below 3mm. A center less-ground finish can also be furnished.  Specific lengths and special fabrications can be supplied upon request.


High density; 

High melting point; 

Small volume; High hardness; 

Excellent wear resistance; 

High ultimate tensile strength; Easy cutting; 

High elastic modulus; Low vapor pressure; 

Heat resistant; 

It can effectively absorb X rays and gamma rays (the absorption of X rays and γ rays is 30~40% higher than lead);Non-poisonous; 

No pollution; 

Strong corrosion resistance; 

Good thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity and so on.

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