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Zhuzhou Jinxin Carbide Round Bars

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Zhuzhou Jinxin Carbide Round Bars 

Cemented carbide round bar, also known as tungsten carbide rods, is standardized and produced by automatic extrusion equipment and low-pressure sintering production technology, which has stable mechanical properties, easy welding, high wear resistance and high impact resistance, stable and reliable quality.

Tungsten carbide round bar is mainly used for making carbide cutting tools, processing materials for metal and non-metal materials. It is mainly used for integral end mills, integral reamers, automotive special tools, etc. It can also be used to make carbide punches, mandrels, all kinds of pin gauges, plug gauges, gauges, through and stop gauges and piercing tools, etc.

Zhuzhou Jinxin carbide round bars are available in many grades and can be used for different applications; complete specifications, accurate blank size (to reduce processing volume and improve production efficiency), mirror polishing, flush, chamfering, wire cutting, tip grinding, multiple steps and processing of various shaped parts, non-standard tools, etc.


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