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Why We Should Have a Goal?

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Why We Should Have a Goal?

Goal is a torch, it can burn everyone's potential, pulling you to fly to the sky of dreams. The goal is a compass, give you guide the course of life; A goal is a street sign that points you in the right direction when you get lost. Goal is a beacon, lit up belong to your life;

1. Goals can bring you a high quality of life. Setting goals and not setting goals, for a person himself is not much experience, that is, as others say, whether goals or not, the day is still passing, and life is slowly getting better on the basis of their hard work.Goal setting doesn't work in the short term, and it doesn't work in a person. However, to make a horizontal comparison, it can be found that the multiple of the gap between the quality of life with and without goals is magnified.

2. Goals can guide us in the right direction Many times we walk and lose our way. But goals are like a compass in sailing, no matter how you walk, they can guide you to the right end. When you set a final goal, no matter how many episodes there are in the process, it is also a way to achieve the goal.

3. Setting goals will also reduce the amount of idle work you do, that is, waste too much time. Just like when you study in college, your major is English, so from the time you set the goal, you should pay more attention and effort to learn English well and lay a good foundation. You wouldn't have gone to law school when you majored in English, it is to do useless work and waste time.

We have set our goal for this Bull Merchants Competition, and we will do our best to achieve it.

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